Studio photographs became available toward the last quarter of the 1800s. A family arranged themselves on a set, in front of velvet swag, around an ornate chair and held perfectly still for minutes. Gentlemen were seated and their women stood dutifully at their shoulder. Gradually photos became more mobile and so did their subjects.

We’re happy to share our picture albums with you of real people from past and present. Photos to be used only with permission.

Angus Rutherford Johnston (1842-1910) Scotland and Nanaimo, BC Alice Cook MarwoodPriscilla Jane McKim Cook (1840-1898) Great Village, NS. Rachel Cooke Wilson Collection Amos Fountain Cooke (1851-1917) and family, Portaupique, NS. George M. Cooke CollectionHenrietta Cook Kellough (±1854-1917) Gays River, NS. Lynn Baronas Canada’s first permanent Presbyterian minister settled here at Glenholme in 1770.Originally Presbyterian, the Glenholme congregation joined The United Church of Canada in 1925.Originally Presbyterian, this Bass River church and cemetery served early settlers.The first grave in this Beach Road cemetery was said to be for Margaret Berry Cook in 1794. Burton Cook (1869-1946) Gays River, NS. Cheryl Kellett CollectionSadie Theresa Gaston Cook (1879-1948) Gays River, NS. Cheryl Kellett CollectionWilliam Andrew Cooke (1844-1928) Londonderry, NS.Cousins Gertrude Fletcher Davidson (1899-1979) and Eudora Blair McQuaid (1905-1991) Massachusetts and Great Village, NS.John Willie Cooke (1873-1955) and Minnie Cole Cooke, (1872-1969) son Perley Campbell Cooke, granddaughter Muriel L. Cooke Rushton, baby Michael Lawrence Rushton, Londonderry, NS. Tommy & Joyce Grue Harold Dill Cooke (1896-1989) First World War veteran, Londonderry, NS.Laura Mae Duncan Cooke (1902-1977) Springhill and Great Village, NS. Bernice Cooke Kaulback Allan Patterson Cooke (1912-2010) Massachusetts and Maine. Joan Cooke Hoxie Collection