Irish-born John was aged 14 when the terms of guardianship were drawn up in November 1767. He is likely the elder of the two boys and the one who became the ward of James Fulton in the village of Bass River in Londonderry Township. John would later marry a young woman from Amherst Township named Margaret Berry (1761-1794). Together they had two known children, then in her 33rd year, Margaret died; her burial place was probably one of the first in the Beach Road Cemetery in Portaupique Village. It’s entirely possible that John remarried and fathered more children but that has been conjecture until early 2013 when DNA evidence revealed Cook families who trace their lineage back to an Andrew Cook, born 1808. The test revealed a match of 66/67markers to that of another in this line of John Cook.

Children of John Cook & Margaret Berry:


John Cook 2nd

In spite of the absence of a precise birth and death date, this John assuredly is no figment of genealogical imagination. He buys and sells land, marries and has children, one of whom is John 3rd. On November 27th 1804, he married Isabella Geddes and they had six children. They grew up in the community of Portaupique Mountain, several miles inland from the shore.  Read More


Mary Cook Giddens (1790-1880)

Mary Cook, like her brother, was probably born in Londonderry Township. They both married and raised their families there. Mary’s husband was Capt. John Giddens and they raised ten children. Both are buried in the Beach Road Cemetery in Portaupique. Mary’s headstone is still clear though the lettering on John’s is nearly invisible.

Agnes Giddens Graham (1816-1906)
Margaret Giddens Fulton (1817-1898)
Daniel Giddens (± 1820-1900)
Jane Giddens
Martha Giddens Fulton (1823-1862)
John William Giddens (1825-1890)
Maria Giddens Ward (1830-1891)
Sarah Giddens Graham Thompson (± 1831-    )
Rachel Giddens Osgood (1832-1918)
Caroline Giddens Campbell Simmonds (1835-1867)