John was son of John Cook and Margaret Berry. He was a farmer and husband of Isabella Geddes. They were married November 27th 1804 by the Rev. John Brown in Londonderry Township. Before Isabella died in 1854, she and John raised four sons and two daughters.

Children of John Cook and Isabella Geddes:


John Cook 3rd (1810-1902)

John lived on a farm in the area of Portaupique Mountain. He married a Great Village woman, Rebecca Mitchell Spencer (1815-1894) and according to a family Bible, the date was February 1835. Two sons and four daughters were born to them. Read More

William Cook (1813-1875)

Though born in Portaupique, William died in Acadia Mines, near what was then the mining town of Londonderry. William married Mary Morrison (1814-1892) and together they parented five daughters and two sons.  Read More

Mary Cook (1816-1879)

Mary remained a single woman, living in the home of her brother Joseph. She died at the age of 63 and is buried in the Portaupique Mountain cemetery close to Joseph.

Joseph D. Cook (1817-1876)

Based on the estate papers of Joseph he became a prosperous farmer on Portaupique Mountain. He married in Economy, NS first to E. Matilda Morrison (1823-1864) with whom he had three children. At age 50, he married once again to Sarah Jane Fulton (1829-    ). Read More

Agnes Cook McKim (1818-1896)

Nancy Cook of Portaupique Mountain married a man from Great Village, Robert D. McKim (1813-1880). They had nine children, the first died in infancy then followed by two daughters and six sons. The parents are both buried in the Folly Village Cemetery in Glenholme, NS.

Infant McKim
Margaret McKim O’Brien (±1840-    )
Thomas James McKim (1842-1908)
George R.H. McKim (1845-1847)
John H. McKim (1848-1849)
Henry A. McKim (1853-1862)
Isaac O’Brien McKim (1856-1949)
Rebecca P. McKim (1858-1891)
Robert McKim (1870-    )

Samuel Robert Cook (1822-1852)

Samuel was a resident of Portaupique Mountain all his short life. He married Nancy Fletcher Corbett (1822-1905) and they had a family of two sons and two daughters. Samuel succumbed to tuberculosis at the age of 30 and for the next 48 years, one by one, the family was diminished by the scourge of Tuberculosis. Nancy herself, with natural immunity, lived till her 83rd year. Children of Samuel R. Cook and Nancy Fletcher Corbett:

Allison D. Cook (1847-1880)
Almira Cook (1848-1859)
Oliver Cook (1850-1900)
Eleanor Cook (1851-1867)