The Oregon Trail

Anyone named Cook found on the trail to Oregon began their trek much farther east. The first reliable sighting was in Iredell County, North Carolina where a Thomas and Margaret Cook lived at Coddle Creek, a Scotch-Irish community within the funnel formed by the South Yadkin and Catawba Rivers. The distance to the South Carolina border was less than 100 miles. In 1791 Thomas wrote a Will in Coddle Creek. He owned a plantation. Margaret his wife wrote her Will in 1802. In both Wills, their children are named.

It’s unlikely that Thomas and Margaret Cook arrived in America through Virginia or the Carolinas. More likely they travelled with other settlers southerly down The Great Wagon Road, from townships in eastern Pennsylvania. That was the route of thousands of newcomers perpetually moving on to less expensive land. Two other pieces of the puzzle are significant. Read More


Thomas and Margaret Cook

The birth date and location of both Thomas Cook and his wife are unknown.  We know that for the period 1748-1751, Thomas was listed as a tailor in the so-called Carolina backcountry. By the time Thomas wrote his Last Will and Testament in 1791, he owned a plantation. The coordinates of Coddle Creek are 35.5843 degrees North and 80.7879 degrees West. His children are named in his Will. Margaret wrote her Will in 1802.


Children of Thomas and Margaret Cook:


James Cook (1742-1808) Read More


Margaret Cook McKnight (    -1802)


Mary Cook Hughey


Elizabeth Cook Nelson


Alexander Cook


William Cook


Jean Cook McConnell


Thomas Cook Jr.


Joseph Cook