Sources Joseph Thomas Cook & Eugenia Saunders

Ada Cook Humphries

Ada E. Cook Humphries (1880-1962), Texas. –Gary Humphries

No birth or marriage record can be found for JT Cook in Alabama. The name and birth place of Eugenia Saunders is known only from subsequent records filled in by her children. Son William Thomas and his sister Ada, however, answered the same questions about their mother differently. Various US Census records, however intermittent, go a distance toward tracing the whereabouts of Joseph Thomas and his descendants. See US Census for 1850, 1860 and 1910.

The American Civil War went on for four years beginning April 1861. Joseph T. Cook enlisted on the Confederate side as a private from his home state of Arkansas at Falcon in June 1862. He’s about 19 years of age. The most thorough records about JT Cook occur among military records in both and Fold3.Historical Military Records.
Military/ US Civil War Soldiers 1861-5, J.T. Cook, Confed., AR, 3 Ark Cav, Coy No. H, Pvt, Film M376 Roll 5.
Pvt. Jos. T. Cook, #223757707, Confed. C., 24, AR, POW, discharged June 1865.