Deep in the Heart of Texas

Only since 2008 has it been known that Cook families in Texas are related to those who came to America through Nova Scotia and the evidence came by way of DNA testing. Since then, family historians have been pouring through records to clarify the Texas line and see how it intersects with those from Canada.

The path of the Texas family probably began in the Carolinas. The Carolinas like other British colonies in the 1700s were inviting settlers from the North of Ireland. The terms of settlement being offered by the colonial government were very similar to those being offered in the northern colony of Nova Scotia. Read More

Joseph Thomas Cook & Eugenia Saunders

“JT”, as he was known, was born in Franklin County, Alabama in 1843. From subsequent records of his children, he is believed to have married a native of Illinois, Eugenia Saunders. Her birth year, the names of her parents or their marriage year has not been found. Both her children were born in Texas so it’s presumed she lived out her life there but no death or burial records have been found.

As a 19 year old in 1862, JT joined the Confederate Army in his hometown of Falcon, Arkansas. He enlisted first as a Private in the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry, Company H. After a medical discharge he reenlisted in the 24th Arkansas Infantry, Company C. In 1865 at his final discharge as a prisoner of war from the infamous Camp Douglas near Chicago, he returned to Collin County, Texas. The consequences of ill-health, insolvency and probably post-traumatic stress disorder, led him at age 70 to apply for a Confederate pension and also residency in a Home for Confederate Soldiers. His end was that of a broken man when he died in 1927.

Children of Joseph Thomas Cook and Eugenia Saunders:

William Thomas Cook (1877-1944) Read More

Ada Eujean Cook Humphries (1880-1962)

Ada Eujean was born in Texas in 1880. She was aged 14 in 1894 when she married in Hunt, Texas to Quill H. Humphries (1870-1955). Four children were born to them. Records about the children of Ada and Quill can be confusing because of the vagaries of Census Taker Spelling Disorder. Some of the children’s names are open to correction. Ada died in 1962 in Terrell, Kaufman County, TX and is buried in Wilson Chapel Cemetery at Lowry Crossing, Collin County, TX. Children of Ada Eujean Cook and Quill H. Humphries are tentatively listed as:

Otis Humphries
Olena Humphries
Arvil Joseph Humphries
Elmer Humphries