Settlers from the North of Ireland

The call for permanent settlers used to go out in the form of Proclamations from a Governor of a colony. With royal backing, he placed these proclamations in selected newspapers to appeal to would-be settlers.

Among those advertisements are some to the Belfast News Letter in Ireland, some to Boston in New England and also to London in old England.

The want ads

Province of Nova-Scotia
By His Excellency Charles Lawrence, Esq.

Captain-General and Governor in Chief, in and over His Majefty’s Province of Nova-Scotia or Accadie in America, Vice Admiral of the fame, &c.&c.&c.

A  P R O C L A M A T I O N

WHEREAS fince the iffuing of the Proclamation dated the Twelfth Day of October 1758, relative to Settling the vacated Lands in this Province, I have been informed by Thomas Hancock, Efq; Agent for the Affairs of Nova-Scotia, at Bofton, that fundry Applications have been made to him in Confequence thereof, by Perfons who are desirous of fettling the faid Lands and of knowing what particular Encouragement the Government will give them; Whether any Allowance of Provifions will be given at their firft Settlement; What Quantity of Land will be given to each Perfon; What Quit Rent they are to pay; What the Conftitution of the Government is; Whether any and what Taxes are to be paid; And Whether they will be allowed the free Exercife of their Religion?

I HAVE therefore thought fit, with the Advice of His Majefty’s Council, to iffue this Proclamation, hereby declaring in Answer to the faid Enquiries, that by His Majefty’s Royal Inftructions to me, I am impowered to make Grants in the following Proportions, viz. THAT Townfhips are to confift of One Hundred Thoufand Acres of Land, or about Twelve Miles fquare: that they do include the beft and moft profitable Land; and alfo, that they do comprehend fuch Rivers as may be at or near fuch Settlement; and do extend as far up into the Country as conveniently may be, taking in a neceffary Part of the Sea Coaft.

THAT the quantities of Land to be granted will be in Proportion to the Abilities of the settlers to plant, cultivate or inclofe the fame viz. that One Hundred Acres of wild Wood-Lands, will be allowed to every Perfon, being Mafter or Miftrefs of a Family, for himself or herfelf; and Fifty Acres for every White or Black man, Woman or Child, of which fuch Perfon’s Family fhall confist, at the actual Time of Making the Grant, fubject to the Payment of a Quit-Rent of One Shilling sterling per Annum for every Fifty Acres; fuch Quit-Rent to commence at the Expiration of Ten Years from the Date of each Grant; and to be paid for His Majefty’s Ufe, to His Receiver-General at Halifax, or to His Deputy upon the Spot.

THAT the Grantees will be obliged by their Grants to Plant, Cultivate, improve or inclofe, one third Part of their Lands within the Space of Ten Years; another Third Part within the Space of Twenty Years; and the remaining Third within the Space of Thirty Years, from the Date of their Grants. THAT no one Perfon can poffefs more than One Thousand Acres (by Grant) in his or her own Name. THAT every Grantee, upon giving Proof that he or fhe has fulfilled The Terms and Conditions of his or her Grant, fhall be intitled to another Grant, in the Proportion and upon the Conditions above-mentioned.

THAT the Lands propofed to be fettled, fituated on the Bay of Fundi; as expreffed in the former Proclamation, will be diftributed with fuch Proportions of intervale Plow-Land, Mowing-Land and Pafture, as will be fufficient to maintain the refpective Families that fhall be eftablished thereon; which Plow-Lands, &c. produce Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats, Hemp, Flax, &c. and have been cultivated for more than one Hundred Years paft, never failing of Crops, nor needing to be manured.

THAT the Government of Nova-Scotia is conftituted like thofe of the Neighbouring Colonies; the Legiflature confifting of Governor, Council, and Affembly. The Courts of Juftice are alfo conftituted in like manner with thofe of Maffachufetts, Connecticut, and other Northern Colonies. THAT as to the Article of Religion, full liberty of Confcience, both by His Majefty’s Royal Infructions and a late Act of the General Affembly of this Province, is fecured to Perfons of all Perfwafions, Papifts excepted, as may more fully appear by the following Abfract of the faid Act, viz.

“PROTESTANTS diffenting from the Church of England, whether they be Calvinifts, Lutherans, Quakers, or under what Denomination foever, fhall have free Liberty of Confcience; and may erect and build Meeting-Houfes for Publick Worfhip, and may choofe and elect Minifters for the carrying on Divine Service, and Adminiftration of the sacraments, according to their feveral Opinions; and all Contracts made between their Minifters and their Congregations, for the Support of the Miniftry, are hereby declared Valid, and fhall have their full Force and Effect, according to the Tenor and Conditions thereof: And all fuch Diffenters fhall be excufed from any Rates or Taxes to be made and levied for the Support of the Eftablished Church of England.”

THAT no Taxes have hitherto been laid upon His Majefty’s Subjects within this Province; nor are there any Fees of Office taken upon iffuing the Grants of Land.

THAT I am Authorized to offer any Bounty of Provifions.

AND I do hereby declare, that I am ready to lay out the Lands, and to make Grants immediately, under the Conditions above described; or to receive and tranfmit to the Lords Commiffioners for Trade and Plantations, in order that the fame may be laid before His Majefty for His Approbation, fuch further Propofals as may be offered by any Body of People for fettling an entire Townfhip, under other Conditions that they may conceive more advantageous to the Undertakers.

THAT Forts are eftablished in the Neighbourhood of the Lands propofed to be fettled, and are garrifoned by His Majefty’s Troops, with a view of their giving all manner of Aid and Protection to the Settlers, if hereafter there fhould be any need.

GIVEN in the Council Chamber at Halifax
This Eleventh Day of January 1759,
In the Thirty-fecond Year of His Majefty’s Reign.

Cha’s Lawrence

By His Excellency’s Command
With the Advice of His Majefty’s Council Jno.
Duport, Secr’ Conc’

God Save the King

BOSTON IN NEW ENGLAND. Printed by John Draper 1759


Source: Copied from microfiche, Toronto Public Library.