Everywhere a Cook Cooke Photo Gallery

Studio photographs became available toward the last quarter of the 1800s. A family arranged themselves on a set, in front of velvet swag, around an ornate chair and held perfectly still for minutes. Gentlemen were seated and their women stood dutifully at their shoulder. Gradually photos became more mobile and so did their subjects.

We’re happy to share our picture albums with you of real people from past and present. Photos to be used only with permission.

Betty June Tuthill and Jim (James Robert) Cook marry in Oregon in 1949. Betty Cook Collection James Weldon Cook (1936-2003) of Sherman and Wichita Falls, Texas.
J.Kevin CookJames Kevin Cook, lifelong resident of Texas and family historian. James Kevin Cook
Ada E. Cook Humphries (1880-1962) with husband Quill H. Humphries (1870-1955) Collin County, Texas. Gary HumphriesThe Senior Grues, Tommy and Joyce with children and grandchildren, Bass River, NS. 
Tommy & Joyce Grue Collection As young men in Musquodoboit, NS, brothers John Burton Cook (1920-2006) and Ivan Merson Cook </br><i>(1913-1988) Claire Cook Castle Collection</i> The marriage of Ivan Merson Cook and Alice Gaston Gould (1915-2001) Musquodoboit, NS. Claire Cook Castle Collection Mary Catherine Kent Cook, her daughter Laura Cook Saueracker, Nova Scotia and Alberta. Claire Cook Castle Collection
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