Everywhere a Cook Cooke Photo Gallery

Studio photographs became available toward the last quarter of the 1800s. A family arranged themselves on a set, in front of velvet swag, around an ornate chair and held perfectly still for minutes. Gentlemen were seated and their women stood dutifully at their shoulder. Gradually photos became more mobile and so did their subjects.

We’re happy to share our picture albums with you of real people from past and present. Photos to be used only with permission.

Hattie Shepard Cook Lorey (1879-1989) and Arthur H. Lorey (1886-1964) Portaupique Mountain and Boston, MA. Edna Lorey Roman
Edna Lorey Roman and J. Edward Roman (1915-2006) Boston and Milton, Massachusetts. Edna Lorey Roman
Allan Patterson Cooke (1912-2010) young milkman with Haven Winn, Ogunquit, Maine. Joan Cooke Hoxie Collection
Annie Jane Cook Thurner (1867-1939) Portaupique Mountain and Massachusetts. Rachel Cooke Wilson CollectionSurveyor Henry Weston Cooke (1871-1898) Portaupique, NS. Rachel Cooke Wilson Collection
Rachel Cooke Wilson (1900-1995) and J. Arthur Wilson (1897-1982) Bass River, NS. Rachel Cooke Wilson CollectionMitchell Cooke (1838-1917), Margaret Ellen Giddens (1879-1973) their daughter Rachel Elizabeth Cooke (1900-1995). Rachel Cooke Collection
Rachel E. Cooke was working in Cleveland in 1939 when she married Arthur Wilson of Nova Scotia. Rachel Cooke Wilson CollectionRachel Elizabeth Cooke Wilson (1900-1995) President of the Nova Scotia Women’s Institutes in 1950; Bass River, NS. Rachel Cooke Wilson CollectionReuben H. Cooke (1875-1964) Portaupique Mountain, the Yukon and California. Rachel Cooke Wilson Collection
Reuben Cooke (1875-1964) with Olga Lucy Kammerer Cooke (1872-1961) Santa Rosa, Sonoma, California. Rachel Cooke Wilson CollectionRosabella Cooke Davison (1877-1962) and Allen Archibald Davison (1872-1943) Portaupique Mountain and Bass River, NS. Rachel Cooke Wilson Collection
Charles Herbert Cooke (1869-1926) Portaupique Mountain and Economy, NS. Rachel Cooke Wilson CollectionHarry Graham Cooke (1898-1917) and Charles Herbert Cooke (1869-1926) Economy, NS and Belgium. Rachel Cooke Wilson CollectionDianna Cook married Owen Farnan in Londonderry in 1845. An heir shows off his horse and children. Shelley Farnan Clattenburg
The Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada, was invested into The Order of British Columbia in 2012. Kim Campbell