“William Anders”, as he was called, spent his entire life in the Londonderry District of Colchester County. He was born in Lornevale, NS in 1844, became a farmer and married Queen Victoria Millard in 1870. So unusual a name may have been a gesture of patriotism for the long-reigning monarch. Queen Victoria Millard Cook’s lifespan was 1848-1892. Both William Anders and Victoria are buried in the Church of England Cemetery in Londonderry, but before that they parented seven children, three of whom died as children. Two of them, it’s estimated, died from diphtheria.

Children of William Andrew Cooke and Queen Victoria Millard:


Emma Jane Cooke Fletcher (1871-1952)


John William (John Willie) Cooke (1873-1955)

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Samuel Cook (1875-1875)


Luther Albert Cooke (1876-1880)


George Noble Cooke (1878-1880)


Gertrude Cooke Blair (1880-1941)


Allan Perley Cooke (1882-1958)

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