Joseph D. Cook was born on Portaupique Mountain, the son of John 2nd and Isabella Geddes. He was born in 1817 and in 1842 he married E. Matilda Morrison (1823-1864). They had three children.  Joseph became an unusually successful farmer but his personal fortunes were plagued by the scourge of tuberculosis. His wife lived only 41 years. His two daughters died before they were 30. His son, a teacher and a merchant died before the age of 45. That son, Isaac, however had heirs who live today in British Columbia. Joseph married a second time to Sarah Jane Fulton (1868-    ) but that marriage lasted only 8 years before Joseph Cook died of a kidney disorder. Joseph, Matilda and their two daughters are buried in the Portaupique Mountain Cemetery, NS.

Children of Joseph D. Cook and E. Matilda Morrison:


Isaac Davison Cook (1844-1888)

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Margaret E. Cook (1847-1872)


Eliza M. Cook (1851-1879)