John Willie Cooke, like his father was born in Lornevale, near the town of Londonderry, NS. The year was 1873 and John Willie became a miner. In 1895, he and Minnie Cole went to Great Village to be married but their family of four was raised in Londonderry.
In 1950 they celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. He passed away in 1955 and Minnie in 1969. Both are buried in the Hillside Cemetery in Londonderry, NS.

Children of John Willie Cooke & Minnie E. Cole:

Harold Dill Cooke (1896-1989)

Harold was born in Londonderry and served in the First World War. He and Jane Marie (Jenny) Quilty (1896-1975) married and twin sons were born to them. Most of his working life was as a mill sawyer. Harold died in 1989 at the age of 93.

Gerald Thomas Cooke (1935-2015)
Harold William (Red) Cooke (1935-2019)

James (Jim) William Cooke (1898-1947)

Jim Cooke was born in Lornevale, NS. In 1924 he married a woman from Springhill, Cumberland County, Laura Mae Duncan (1902-1977). Both are buried in the Folly Village Cemetery in Glenholme, NS. Four children were born to them.

Bernice May Cooke (1925-2016)
Arthur Burton Cooke (1927-1974)
George Alfred Cook (1935-2010)
Eva Violet Cooke

Mildred Mae Cooke Grue (1902-1985)

The only daughter in the family, Mildred was born in Lornevale, NS and in 1924 she married Alfred Gould Grue (1892-1960). In the 1920s, they set off for Saskatchewan to homestead. They retired to Bass River, NS and both of them are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Bass River, NS. One son was born to them in the West:

Thomas William Grue

Perley Campbell Cooke (1905-1983)

Like the rest of his siblings, Perley was born in Lornevale, NS. He became a farmer and in 1930 he married Anna St. Clair Fisher (1909-1991). They went to Truro to be married by an Anglican clergyman. Both Perley and Anna are buried in the Hillside Cemetery in Londonderry, NS. Three daughters and 2 sons were born to them:

Phyllis Clare Cooke
Muriel Louise Cooke (1932-1996)
Mildred Mae Cooke (1933-2011)
Kenneth Frederick Cooke
Ralph Douglas Cooke