This man is the third of his line with the name John, born in 1810, probably at Portaupique Mountain. He’s the first child of John Cook and Isabella Geddes. In 1835, he married Rebecca Mitchell Spencer (1815-1894) of Great Village, NS and they owned a pew in the Presbyterian Church in Great Village. John farmed and with Rebecca had 2 sons and 4 daughters. John died in 1902 at the age of 92. Both are buried in the Beach Road Cemetery in Portaupique village.

Children of John Cook and Rebecca Mitchell Spencer:

Mitchell Cooke (1838-1917)

Mitchell was born 1838 in Lornevale, NS. That’s close to the town of Londonderry in NS. He was the first child and son of John Cook 3rd and Rebecca Mitchell Spencer (1815-1894) she of Great Village, NS.  Like many men of his generation, Mitchell had many occupations. He farmed then went to sea. Then he farmed again. His first wife was Priscilla Jane McKim of Great Village, (1840-1898). They had a family of eight. Widowed Mitchell Cooke married a second time to Margaret Ellen Giddens (1879-1973). The Giddens family lived next door to Mitchell on Portaupique Mountain. Children of Mitchell Cooke and Priscilla Jane McKim:

Alfretta Cook (1863-1873)

Family recollection indicates this 10 year old died of “dropsy”. Medical terms have changed a good deal over the decades, including this term for fluid retention, the cause of which can vary; especially in a 10 year old. Nothing more is known about Alfretta’s illness. She is buried with many of her family in the Beach Road Cemetery in Portaupique Village.

David Cook (1865-1930)

While David was born at Portaupique Mountain, he moved to Massachusetts where, in 1926, he became an American citizen. His wife, known as “Lizzie May” Davison was also from Portaupique. David worked in a meat market. Together, they had two children: Walter Mitchell Cook (1892-1953) and Clara May Cook (1905-1920). David and Lizzie May are buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston, MA.

Annie Jane Cook Thurner (1867-1939)

Annie Jane was born in Portaupique but her adult life was lived in Massachusetts. She married Charles E. Thurner with whom she had one child. Jean Elizabeth Thurner (1908-1992).

Charles Herbert Cooke (1869-1926)

This man was called Herbert by some, Charles by others and Charles Herbert by still others. He worked as a blacksmith in Economy, NS. We can surmise he was well acquainted with grief. His wife, Florence V. Lewis (1968-1906) died as a 38 year old. Their only child, Harry Graham Cooke (1898-1917) died as a 19 year old at Passchendaele. Charles Herbert was working in Wisconsin when he died as a 57 year old. The names of all three are on a stone in the Economy Cemetery.

Henry Weston Cook (1871-1898)

Henry became a surveyor before tuberculosis took his life. He’s buried in the Beach Road Cemetery in Portaupique, NS.

Reuben H. Cooke (1875-1964)

Reuben farmed as a young man, then set off for Bonanza Creek in the Yukon Territory. He was there at the time of the 1911 Census of Canada.  He went on to marry widow, Olga Lucy Kammerer (1872-1961) and they operated a thriving poultry business in California’s Sonoma Valley. They had no children.

Rosabella Cooke Davison (1877-1962)

Most often known as “Rosie”, she was both born and married at Portaupique Mountain. She married a local man, Allen Archibald Davison (1872-1943) and they parented eight children. Rosie loved to dance and she taught each of her children the steps to dances such as the gavotte, the militaire as well as polkas, quadrilles and the Rye Waltz. She and Allen are buried in the Baptist Cemetery in Bass River, NS.

William Edward Cook (1882-1887)


Child of Mitchell Cooke and second wife Margaret Ellen Giddens:

Rachel Elizabeth Cooke Wilson (1900-1995)

Rachel was born at Portaupique Mountain, moving to Bass River in her teens. Becoming a registered nurse, she worked in the United States for many years before marrying a Bass River man, J. Arthur Wilson (1897-1982) and returning to Nova Scotia. See more about her life and times in the essay, In Her Heyday. Read More


David Cook (±1840-    )


Sarah Cook (1844-1844)


Rosabella Cook (1847-1866)


Mary Jane Cook White Fulton (1850-1921)


Lucilla Cook McLellan (1853-1890)