Allan was born in Lornevale, NS, the youngest of William Andrew Cooke and Queen Victoria Millard. His lifespan was 1882-1958. Like many of his generation, he left home to look for good-paying, long-term employment. In Maine he met a young woman from Aylesford, Kings County, NS with the same intention. Her name was Ida Patterson and she and her sister had gone to Maine to work as domestics. Allan and Ida married and had one child, markedly different from the large family each had come from. Ida’s lifespan was 101 years (1886-1987).

Child of Allan Perley Cooke and Ida Maude Patterson:


Allan Patterson Cooke (1912-2010)

Though born in Newton, Massachusetts, Allan spent most of his life in the State of Maine.  For a period in his youth, he and his mother lived in Londonderry district with Cooke relatives in Nova Scotia while his father worked in the mines of Northern Ontario. Allan would always remember the boom, explosions and shivering ground that felt like the end of the world in Londonderry that Thursday morning in wartime December 1917. It was the day of the Halifax Explosion and Allan was seventy-some miles distant from its epicenter. Twenty two years later, he married Doris Eva Gowen (1912-1999) in Maine and they raised their daughters in Kennebunk, ME. Allan himself managed a branch of the First National Store. In his 96th year, he agreed to a Y-DNA test, along with another participant and the results confirmed they shared a common ancestor back eight generations. He was one of the first to do a test on this line of Cook(e)s who came to Nova Scotia and thereby linked two communities and two brothers with earlier generations and subsequent others to the present. His participation became a benchmark in the DNA study of this family.

Daughters of Allan Patterson Cooke and Doris Eva Gowen:

Joan Alma Cooke Hoxie

Diane Edna Cooke Paquin

Sylvia Elaine Cooke