William Cook & Mary Ann Taylor Annand

William Cook (1816-1897) son of John Cook and Bathsheba Whippie was a farmer in Gays River, NS. He married a young widow from Chaswood, Halifax County, NS, Mary Ann Taylor Annand (1816-1878) and together they had four sons and three daughters.

Children of William Cook and Mary Ann Taylor Annand:


George Taylor Cook (1844-1925) Read More


John Cook (1846-1919)

By 1870, young John Cook from Gays River was working in Hopkinton, Massachusetts in a box factory. He would marry a woman from Nova Scotia, Eleanor (Nellie) McPhee (1848-1940). The family moved on to Chicago, Illinois and their family included three children. John died and was buried in Chicago but Nellie moved on with their son to Alameda County, CA. Children of John Cook and Eleanor (Nellie) McPhee:

Infant Cook
Harry Burton Cook (1874-1942)
Mable Cook (1879-    )

Margaret Ellen Cook (1849-1874)


Edward Cook (±1851-1883)


Henrietta Ann Cook Kellough (±1854-1917)

Henrietta Ann was 18 when she married Robert Henderson Kellough (1837-1899) he also a native of Gays River, NS. Together they parented 10 children.

Horace Alexander Kellough (1873-1945)
Annie A. Kellough (1876-1897)
Thomas Kellough (1878-1899)
Mary Emma Kellough Kerr (1882-    )
Marilla Kellough (1884-    )
Arthur S. Kellough (1886-1905)
Nellie C. Kellough (1888-    )
George Earl Kellough (1890-1976)
Albert Edward Kellough (1891-1962)
Francis Lorne Kellough (1896-    )

Bathsheba Ann (Annie B.) Cook Woodworth (1856-1924)

Annie as she was known, married Jeremiah F. Woodworth (1853-1933) also Nova Scotia-born. They moved to Carlton County, Minnesota where 4 children were born to them. Jerry was known for his ability to sharpen saws.

Henry A. Woodworth (1885-     )
Annie May Woodworth Lunn (1888-    )
Wilbert P. Woodworth (1894-1972)
Avis Woodworth Hursh (1896-1980)

William David Cook (1859-    )