John (1785-1861) is the first child of William and Leah Cook of Gays River and his birth year is extrapolated from his age at death. He married a woman from Onslow Township, Bathsheba Whippie (1790-1870) remembered for her remarkable red hair. Among early settler-times, families often allocated their own burial grounds on a part of the farm.    

Children of John Cook & Bathsheba Whippie:


William Cook (1816-1897)

William was born in, and became a farmer in, the Cooks Brook area of Nova Scotia. His bride was a young widow Mary Ann Taylor Annand. Seven children are attributed to them. Both Mary Ann (1816-1878) and William are buried in the Gays River Cemetery.  Read More

Robert Blackwood Cook (1818-1904)

Robert was born in Gays River, NS. In July 1853, he married young Emily Eunice Britton (1837-1912) from Lakeville, Halifax County, NS. Both are buried in the Gays River Cemetery in Gays River, NS. Children of Robert Blackwood Cook and Emily Eunice Britton:

Elizabeth (Bessie) Cook (1854-1893)
Emily Cook Tulloch (1856-1942)
James M. Cook (1858-1902)
Roxana Gibson Cook Webber (1860-1934)
John Cook (1863-    )
Maria (Minnie) Geldert Cook Sutherland (1867-1939)
Robert Henry Cook (1870-1944)

Agnes Pitt Cook Logan (±1821-1878)

Agnes was born in Gays River, NS. Whether or not her middle name, Pitt, had any connections to Britain’s William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, isn’t known. Pitt (1708-1778) was a hero to common folk of his day, and had he won his way, the outcome of the American rebellion would have been different. Agnes’ mother’s family, Whippe or Wheppe, had come to Nova Scotia from a Massachusetts township. Agnes went on to marry a man from Musquodoboit in Halifax County, NS. His name was Miles McInnes Logan (1816-1886). Both Agnes and Miles are buried in the Meaghers Grant Cemetery in Musquodoboit, Halifax County, NS. Children of Agnes Pitt Cook and Miles McInnes Logan:

Jessie Logan Giles (1844- 1934)
Robert John Logan (1845-    )
Leander Logan (1847-1923)

John Cook (1822-1914)

Born at Carrolls Corner in Halifax County, NS, John became a blacksmith and wheelwright. Later on he operated a shingle mill and a carding mill in Gays River.  In 1845, he married Lucy Merson (1826-1915) daughter of William A. Merson and Jane Abigail Grant. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary and his lifetime commitment to their Presbyterian congregation.  Read More

George Cook (1824-1891)

George was born in Gays River, NS and became a farmer. His first wife was Elizabeth Keys (1825-1868). Five sons and two daughters were born to them. When Elizabeth died of tuberculosis at age 43, George was left with 7 children between the ages of 6 and 20. He remarried Lucy W. McPhee (1830-1877) who raised the younger children but she died in her 47th year. George’s third marriage in 1879 was to a relative, Susan S. Smith (1841-1894). Children of George Cook and Elizabeth Keys:

William Cook (1848-    )
Alfred Cook (1850-1886)
Margaret Cook (1853-    )
David Cook (1855-1890)
Edgar Cook (1857-    )
Ada Cook (1859-    )
George Cook Jr. (1862-    )

David Cook (±1824-1859)

Born in Gays River, NS, David became a farmer in Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts where he died 10 May 1859. He was about 35 years of age.

Samuel Cook (1833-1912)

Born in Cooks Brook, Halifax County, NS, Samuel was the seventh and youngest of John and Bathsheba’s family. He became a farmer, marrying in 1855 to Lavinia H. Merson (1834-1910). Their family consisted of seven children.  Samuel’s death at the age of 79 was attributed to La Grippe (influenza) and heart failure. He was buried in the Gays River Cemetery.  Read More