George Taylor Cook (1844-1925) born in Cooks Brook, Halifax County, was the eldest child of William Cook and Mary Ann Taylor Annand (1816-1878). He became a lumberman and farmer in the district. In 1871 he married Lucy Merson (1847-1936). To distinguish her from another Lucy Merson who married John Cook, her parents were Ephraim Howard Merson and Elizabeth McPhee. George and Lucy were parents to three sons and three daughters, all born at Cooks Brook. The burial place for George and Lucy is the Gays River Cemetery.

Children of George Taylor Cook and Lucy Merson:


Frank Homer Cook (1873-1952)

Frank became a lumberman and farmer, living in Milford Station, Hants County, NS. The counties of Hants, Colchester and Halifax come together here. In 1911, he married Edith Hannah Dechman (1883-1963) and they parented six children though a daughter died as an infant.

George Lewis Cook (1913-1954)
Marian I. Cook (1914-1915)
Marjorie Alys Cook (1916-2009)
Lucy May Cook (1918-1989)
Beryl D. Cook Schmeisser (1921-2007)
Edith Frances Cook (1924-1986)

Mary Ann Cook Frame (1875-1956)

Mary Ann married Francis (Frank) Frame (1873-1958) of Gays River, NS. Together they raised two sons and two daughters. One daughter died in infancy.

Owen Cook Frame (1899-1983)
Albert F. Frame (1903-    )
Bertha E. Frame Miller (1910-    )
Mary Grace Frame (1915-2004)
Mable Frame, died in infancy

Warren Merson Cook (1878-1948)

Warren farmed in the Musquodoboit Valley of NS. In 1911, he married Alice Ormond Fox (1888-1967) and they had 2 sons.

Ivan Merson Cook (1913-1988)
John Burton Cook (1920-2006)

Georgina Elizabeth (Georgie) Cook McCurdy (1882-    )

Georgie was born at Cooks Brook and, in September 1910, married Ernest Bayne McCurdy (1884-1970). Two sons were born to them:

George Ernest McCurdy (1912-1988)
Hollis Thompson (Mac) McCurdy (1919-2003)

Alice Bertha Cook Dow (1884-1970)

Bertha was born in Gays River, NS, though living in Massachusetts when she met and married a man from Maine, Charles William Dow (1881-1918). He was working as a draftsman at the end of the war near Chicago when he developed influenza and died, leaving Bertha with a very young family.

Lucy Alberta Dow (1911-    )
Alice Louise Dow (1913-1998)
Charles Stanley Dow (1916-    )
Melvin H. Dow (1917-    )

Edward Burton Cook (1886-1972)

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