Burton Cook (1869-1946), carpenter, and his wife Sadie Theresa Gaston (1879-1948) were born in Gays River, NS. They married in 1898. Both were extraordinarily musical. They played violin and danced while they played. Their children played piano, violin and the autoharp. Sadie played for church services. Both are buried in the Gays River Cemetery.

Children of Burton Cook and Sadie Theresa Gaston:


Ross Gaston Cook (1899-1988)

Ross was born in Gays River, NS but went as a young man to the United States. He worked as a carpenter on construction sites. In 1927 he married Hazel Lucina Gunderson (1910-2003) she born in Vermont; they had a family of 2 daughters. Both Ross and Hazel died in Brunswick, Cumberland, ME.

Blanche Esther Cook
June H. Cook

Eva Clair Cook Boyle (1903-1975)

Eva, born in Gays River, went to the USA as a 20 year old. She met mechanic Clarence W. Boyle (1903-1984) who was also born in Canada. They married in 1926 and parented two sons. Most of their married life was lived in Portland, Maine. Two sons were born to them.

Robert B. Boyle
Ronald W. Boyle

Blanche Campbell Cook Lewis (1906-1999)

Blanche was born in Gays River but went early to the United States where, in 1927 in Waterbury, Vermont, she married Lynn George Lewis (1905-1982). Two sons were born to them.

Lynn George Lewis Jr.
Paul Burton Lewis

Amy Baker Cook Kellett (1908-1997)

Amy was born in Gays River, and like her sister, moved to the United States. She married in 1932 to Alton Charles Kellett (1907-1982) at Duxbury, Vermont. Four children were born to them.

Alton Kellett
Kerry Kellett
Sandra Kellett
Cheryl Kellett

Arthur McClure Cook (1910-1910)


Walter Dean Cook (1912-1986) 

Walter Dean Cook and Jean Leslie Prest were the parents of 5 children. Walter Dean is buried in the Gays River Cemetery.

Dean Burton (Deanie) Cook (1941-1943)
Geraldine Cook
Charmaine Cook
Sterling Cook (1947-1992)
Barry Gene Cook (1947-1996)

Burton Neil Cook (1914-1914)


Theresa S. Cook Wheaton (1917-1984)

Theresa was born in Gays River and moved to the state of Maine. She married George M. Wheaton (1917-2003) at Portland, ME, though the marriage did not last. Nor did they have children. Theresa is buried in Waterbury, Vermont.