Sources for John William Cooke & Minnie E. Cole


John Willie Cooke and Minnie Cole Cooke

John Willie Cooke and Minnie Cole Cooke, Londonderry, N.S. -Tommy & Joyce Grue Collection

Marriage details claim that John W. Cooke was born at Lornevale, NS, was aged 22, a bachelor and a miner. He was living in Lornevale at the time of his marriage to Minnie E. Cole, aged 21, born in Tatamagouche, (sic) resident of Acadia Mines at the time of the wedding. She was daughter of James and Agnes Cole. He was son of William and Victoria Cook, farmers. The Rev. James Maclean performed the marriage at the manse in Great Village. However, a marriage record from the Truro Daily Newsfor October 25th 1895, p.4, column 3 says: John William Cook of Lornevale to Miss Minnie Cole of Acadia Mines at Truro by the Rev. James Maclean.

Mildred Mae Cooke Grue

Mildred Mae Cooke Grue (1902-1985), her husband Alfred Gould Grue (1892-1960) and their son, Tommy Grue, Bass River, N.S. -Tommy & Joyce Grue Collection

An anniversary party celebrating their 55 years of marriage was described by Lloyd K. Smith in the “Londonderry Letter” of the Truro Daily News, October 27th, 1950, p.12, Binder 28. Colchester Historical Society Archives, Truro, NS: “Fifty-five years ago John Willie Cooke and Minnie Cole were married at the manse in Great Village. A party….John Willie’s sister Emma Jane, Mrs. Fred Fletcher, was there. She is 79 and was the life of the party. Her son Lawrence and his wife and their daughters Ruth, Doris and Margo were there. Her daughters Ethel, Mrs. George McInnes, and Gertrude, Mrs. Archie Davidson, and their husbands were there…. Minnie’s sister, Cassie, Mrs. George Marshall, of New Annan was there….Mildred, Mrs. Alfred Grue of Bass River, a daughter of the Cooke’s was there, also Laura, Mrs. James Cooke and her son Arthur and daughter Eva, also Harold and Jennie and their twin boys and Perley and Anna and two of their daughters.”

Jim & Harold Cooke

Brothers Jim and Harold Cooke, Londonderry, N.S. -Tommy & Joyce Grue Collection

The obituary from the Truro Daily News for Mrs. John William Cooke (formerly Minnie Cole) says she was born in Harcourt, New Brunswick, rather than Tatamagouche, NS. This obituary belongs to Minnie Cole Cooke’s granddaughter, Bernice Cooke Kaulback. There’s reference to the Cole family living in Londonderry in a house once owned by Robert Forman. The family included Minnie, Cassie, Elizabeth, Maria, Sadie, William and Henry. See March 1953, “Londonderry Letter” by Lloyd K. Smith in the Truro Daily News, held at the Colchester Historical Society Archives in Truro, NS.

The 1911 Census of Canada, House #270 in Acadia Mines, lists Minnie Cooke as born in March 1874. Since there is so much variance in the names of children attributed to them, this could be mistaken as well. Her father-in-law, William Anders Cooke was living with them.