Sources for John Cook 2nd & Isabella Geddes

From Deeds and Land transfers in the Londonderry-Colchester area we discover there were three John Cooks living continuously between 1767 and 1902. The original documents are held by the Land Registration Office in Truro, NS.

The names of their wives also help distinguish the John Cooks living in the district. John 2nd married November 1804 by the Rev. John Brown and it is recorded in the Londonderry Township Book. The bride was Isabella Geddes. By the 1838 Census of Canada she’s a farmer, widowed and in the house are two males over the age of 14 and one female over 14. The 1838 Census of Canada, Colchester County, NS, Colchester Historical Society Archives, 2000, Londonderry district, FN 306.

In the Diary of James Jenks of Portaupique Mountain, he notes under “August 1854” that “Mrs. Coock (sic) was buried”. While the late Mrs. Cook must have been a resident of Portaupique Mountain, the time frame suggests she was the former Isabella Geddes. The Jenks Diary, unpublished, held at the Colchester Historical Society Archives, Truro, NS.

The children of John and Isabella are well accounted for in various archival records.