Sources for James Cook & Ann McConnell

Concentrated research into the family of James and Ann McConnell Cook is still at its beginning. While their families lived in North Carolina, it’s not known whether James and Ann were actually born there. Both the Cooks and McConnells probably knew of each other for several generations.

James was the eldest of nine children of Thomas and Margaret Cook of Coddle Creek, Iredell County, NC. The will of his father Thomas suggests that by 1791 James had left the family plantation because he received cash rather than property or livestock from the estate. By August 15th 1774, James and Ann were married in Rowan County NC; the parent county to Iredell. See also North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979, 004364077> Image 80/1010.

James Cook and Ann McConnell, Marriage Bond dated 15 August 1774; Bondsman Joseph Dickson and witness Ad (Adlai) Osborn.

Extrapolated from the 1850 US Census wherein a child of James and Ann—John McConnell Cook—indicated he was born in Tennessee in 1808, it indicates his parents had moved there before his birth.

There’s record of a land transfer from five Sloan brothers to James Cook dated September 4th 1802 in Blount County, Tennessee, at Nine Mile Creek. The acreage was 120 acres. See, All Published Collections >Tennessee Probate Court Books, 1795-1927 > Blount County, Court Records 1796 -1834, Vol. 01, image 73/82.

Other partial records of land dealings exist for James Cook in this region, but they are too fragmentary to offer as documentation. To complicate matters, the geography of the frontier between North Carolina and Tennessee was frequently shifting as were the names of emerging county borders. That James was a blacksmith is yet to be confirmed.