Sources for Ezra Stevens Cook & Louise McCutcheon

From the text, Western Canadians, Vol. 1 edited by Noel Montgomery Elliott, there’s record of Ezra Cooke (Irish) born circa 1854 in Nova Scotia, Code BC39-FN186. He’s a farmer and living in Nanaimo, Noonas Bay, British Columbia.

From the research of Alice Cook Marwood, there’s indication Ezra died in Pasadena, California. A death certificate for Ezra S. Cook confirms the date as 29 Dec. 1912. Cook was a retired farmer, living with his wife in Inglewood, CA. They’d been there one and a half months and the physician had attended him for the last month, when Ezra died of pulmonary edema compounded by heart disease. Ezra’s wife didn’t know the names or origins of his parents.

In February 2013, Cook researcher, Alice Cook Marwood, indicated that Ezra Stevens Cook also did a lot of prospecting and that the title of some of his claims plus some of his farm land was still in the family. He was also interested in timber lands up and down the BC coast.