In 1938 when Rebecca Jane Cook died in Massachusetts, her step-son Amos C. Cook was a business partner in the firm of Cook & Hawkins. The 1930 US Census states that Amos was the Manager of an Automobile Shop. His birth date and death year were found in the Social Security Index through the Rootsweb site, American records indicate him to be born in Massachusetts rather than Five Islands, NS. (His father was a teamster and a resident of Charlestown, MA at the time of his second marriage.) His wife was born in Maine and his children born in Massachusetts. 

The website also lists this family within the 1930 US Census.

From Cook Researcher Susan Cook of Gloucester, MA (2009), Amos lived at 176 Washington Street in Malden at the time of his death. He was a veteran of the Second World War, having served in the Marine Corp from July 24th 1918 to March 15th 1919 when he was honorably discharged. He enlisted at Paris Island. His physical description included grey eyes, light brown hair and a height of 5 foot 7.5 inches. His last job was as a mechanic at Dunker & Danahue Garage.

Details about Elizabeth Cook also come from Susan Cook of Gloucester, MA, (2009). The 1900 US Census gives her name as “Lizzie” while her death certificate is registered as “Elizabeth Dorothy” Cook. Her daughter, Virginia, thought her mother kept changing her name so as to elude her parents! Her birth name is sometimes seen as Marie M. L. Tardif, and her birth date appears as Feb 1897 as well as 9 Aug 1898 at Van Buren, Maine.

Elizabeth’s family name of “Tardif” comes from Susan Cook of Gloucester, MA in 2008. Susan was in correspondence with Virginia Cook of Seattle, WA.

In 1925, Amos, his wife Elizabeth, Amos’ brother, Douglass G. and Rebecca J. the step-mother of Amos live together in Malden at 69 Cross Street. Source: City Directories,