The World Described

Herman Moll made a name for himself as a geographer, engraver and publisher of maps. Believed to be of Dutch origin, he moved to London during the heady days of exploration. Moll’s maps were influential during his lifetime (1654-1732) and they remain treasures to historians and cartographers. 

This Beaver Map was part of “The World Described”. Moll himself described it as “Ye Newest and most Exact map of the Dominions of the King of Great Britain on ye Continent of North America.” The year was estimated to be 1715.

The Beaver Map became important in defining the borders of colonial land attributed to France and Great Britain in America at the settlement known as the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. This section includes the southern colony of Carolina where many North-of-Ireland newcomers settled both via “The Western Ocean” and by way of the Great Wagon Road, an inland route from the north.

The Cook families who interest us here first became immigrants along this Atlantic seaboard of colonial America.

Carolina - Thomas and Margaret Cook

Herman Moll “Beaver Map” 1732, Toronto Public Libraries, Baldwin Room