W. Tom Cook was born in Wichita County, Texas in 1877, the oldest and only son of Joseph Thomas Jr. and Eugenia Saunders.  That he worked in agriculture probably meant as a share cropper and by the time he went to work, the Southern staple—cotton—had dropped in price from 43 cents a pound to less than 10 cents. Hard scrabble times. In 1906, Tom married a spirited young woman named Rosie Gilmore (1890-1983). Together they parented five children. Tom lived 67 years and is buried in Whitesboro, Grayson County, Texas.

Children of William Thomas Cook Sr. and Rosella May Gilmore:

Emmett Leon Cook (1907-1991) Read More

Stella Viola (Norma) Cook (±1909-    )

Colleen Cook Lee (1911-1959)

Colleen was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma, during the days when her father was driving mule teams between Northern Texas and Oklahoma City. She lived with her husband, George L. Lee (1905-1970) in Mesa, Colorado. Two sons were born to them.

George E. Lee
Thomas J. Lee

Carl Weldon Cook (1915-1993)

Carl was born in Grayson County, Texas but moved to Wasco County, Oregon to The Dalles. The name of his wife was Grace Inez. Both died in Oregon.

William Thomas Cook Jr. (1917-2000)

WT Junior was born in Grayson County, Texas but by the early 1950s he was married and living in Reno Nevada. His wife’s name was Ada Anna Bertha Lucht (1916-2006). His widowed mother was also living in Reno at this time. WT and Ada would move on to California where two children were born to them. They are both buried in Chico, Butte, CA.

William Junior Cook
Marilyn Kay Cook