Ralph, as son of James and Martha Cook was probably born in Ireland. He married Jane and they parented nine together. Ralph died about 1827 and Jane about 1848 in the Londonderry district of Nova Scotia. Early records of land transfers for the region include Ralph, his neighbors and his sons.

Children of Ralph Cook and Jane Cook:


James Cook (1779-1874)

James remained a single man and died as a 95 year old in Economy, NS.

Adam Cook (1787-1864)

Adam became a sea captain and married Jane Reed in Saint John New Brunswick in 1820. Their marriage record indicates Jane to be from Londonderry Township as was Adam.  Francis Reed, newly from Ulster, was living there with his family.

John Boyd Cook (1789-1864)

John Boyd married in 1817 to a woman from Onslow Township NS. Together, they had nine children. Read More

Ralph Cook 2nd (     >1836)

This Ralph bought property from his father in Londonderry Township in 1836. 

Margaret Cook

Margaret was named in her father’s Will.

Agnes Cook Moore

Married in 1813, Agnes and Samuel C. Moore (1781-1847) parented three children. They lived in Castlereagh and in Economy, NS. Children of Agnes Cook and Samuel C. Moore:

Mary Jane Moore
Rebecca Moore
John W. Moore

Mary Cook Chisholm (1786-1959)

Mary Cook was born in Portaupique, married a man from the same village and they are both buried in the Beach Road Cemetery there. Donald William Chisholm (1780-1861) became Mary’s husband. Three children are attributed to them. Children of Mary Cook and Donald William Chisholm:

Capt. David Chisholm (1808- >1896)
Nelson Wallace Chisholm (1825-1868)
Margaret Chisholm 

Elizabeth D. Cook Hasty (1798-1880)

Elizabeth married in 1819 to Walter Hasty, a man from Maine. They lived for a time in Maine with six children. They parted ways and Walter moved out West and he died there in Truckee, NV. Elizabeth died in Limerick, York County, Maine. Children of Elizabeth D. Cook and Walter Hasty:

Susan Hasty Bosworth (1821- <1911)
David George Washington Hasty (1823-1890)
Margaret D. Hasty Sawyer (1827-1887)
Eliza Jane Hasty (abt. 1831-    )
Mary Elizabeth Hasty Burkhalter (1835-1901)
Andrew Jackson Perry Hasty (1836-    )

Jane Cook

Jane was named in her father’s Will.