Brother of Ralph and son of James 1st and Martha Cook, the marriage record dated January 1796 for James and Agnes survives. It’s interesting that the birth of their first child was seven years later in 1803. Early records are often lost or intermittent. It was from surviving Presbyterian Church records that their death dates were found. Nancy died 27 Oct 1842 while James died 16 Mar 1847. Three sons and a daughter lived to adulthood.

Children of James Cook & Agnes Mahon:


William (Bill) Cooke (1803-1871)

Bill Cooke and Jane Geddes (1807-1906) were married in 1831 when each was in their twenties. Their marriage was one performed by long-time Presbyterian minister, the Rev. John Brown. Their nine children were raised in Portaupique, NS and the back country community of Castlereagh. Their daughter Mary Agnes Jane was the first of this family to leave Nova Scotia; she was one of a generation of young adults moving away, mostly to the United States. Bill and Jennie are buried in the Beach Road Cemetery in Portaupique Village. Children of William Cooke and Jane Geddes:

Margaret Cook Starritt (1827-1902)
James Cooke (1832-1912)
John William (Jack) Cook (1837-1917)
Joseph Cook (1840-1860)
Thomas D. Cook (1843-1896)
Dr. Henderson Cook (1844-1860)
Annabell Cook Vance (1847-1875)
Mary Agnes Jane Cook Waugh (±1854-    )
Charles Weaver Cook (1855-1933)

George Cooke (±1812-1874)

George Cooke and Esther Hill (1821-1872) were both born in Portaupique, NS though it’s said that George moved inland to Castlereagh to set up a maple sugar business. Read More

Charles W. Cooke (1816-1880)

Like many Colchester families of the time, the man of the house practiced several occupations. Charles was a farmer, yes, but he also built and repaired vessels which qualified him as a shipwright. Eliza Jane Hennessey, his wife, whose parents were Irish-born, raised ten children. She lived nearly 99 years (1825-1924). Read More

Esther Cooke Gamble (±1827-1883)

Though born in Portaupique, Esther must have spent most of her life in Castlereagh, a wooded community set back from the shore from Portaupique. There she married John Gamble (1820-    ). John was a barrel maker, known then as a cooper. In a time of large families, they raised ten children. In fact, to Esther and her three brothers, 37 known children were born, all first-cousins. Children of Esther Cooke and John Gamble:

John William Gamble (1844-1919)
Samuel Beatty Gamble (1844-1928)
Albert Gamble (1850-1911)
Mary Ann Gamble (1852-    )
Margaret Eunice Gamble (1853-1929)
David A. Gamble (1857-1880)
Harvey Gamble (1859-    )
James Gamble (1861-    )
Robert C. Gamble (1861-    )
Eleanor Jane Gamble (1864-    )