Gordon was the youngest child of George and Esther Cooke, born 1861 in Portaupique. He became a teamster, a term for a driver of horses used for haulage; then worked as a truck driver. He did this in both Nova Scotia and Massachusetts. The ‘e’ of Gordon Leander’s family name appeared and disappeared throughout his life. His first wife was Josephine P. Douglass (1867-1902) from Selma, Hants, NS. They had two sons born to them in Massachusetts. After Josie died, Gordon remarried a cousin, Rebecca Jane Cooke (1863-1938) from Highland Village, NS. They raised a son in Massachusetts. Gordon returned to Nova Scotia prior to his death in 1923.

Children of Gordon Leander Cook and Josephine Putnam Douglass:


Douglass George Cook (1893-1939)


Amos Calvin Cook (1898-1970) Read More


Child of Gordon Leander Cook and Rebecca Jane Cooke:


James Leroy Cook (1906-1953)