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John Boyd Cook & Ann Mary Carr

This John Cook (1789-1864) probably used his middle name to distinguish himself from several John Cooks. He worked as a spar-maker; they refer to the wooden supports for a vessel’s sails and rigging. In 1817 he married at Onslow, NS to Ann Mary Carr (1795-1870). Their nine children lived all their lives in Nova Scotia except Ephraim who moved to British Columbia.

The children of John Boyd Cook and Ann Mary Carr:

Charlotte Cook Carter Benvie (1817-    )

Silas Cook (1820-    )

Dianna Cook Farnan (1822-1884)

Jerushia Cook (1824-    )

Ephraim Boyd Cook (1828-1897) Read More

Thomas Carr Cooke (1830-<1871)

Margaret Jane Cooke Downing (1830-    )

Maria Cook (1833-    )

Burton Cook (1839- ± 1887)