Locations and Dates

A tax list for residents of Rowan County in 1759 has been retrieved and stitched together.14 Therein are four men named Cook: Abraham, Thomas, Cornelius and John. (The name of Stephen Potts is also there and his name will be paired with Thomas Cook again.) The significance of this reconstructed list, besides the dates, is the families named along with Cook.

Thomas Cook, wher ar yae fram?

The next sighting in 1761 gives information of a very reliable kind. It’s a record of a land grant dated July 22nd 1761 in Rowan County wherein 700 acres is granted to Thomas Cook in Granville District on Coddle Creek.15 Reference is made to Stephen Potts. Now we have two locations in Iredell to explore and we see the property was a grant rather than a purchase. Just what were the qualifications of Thomas Cook to warrant a grant is unknown.

The following year, Margaret, probably the oldest daughter of Thomas and Margaret Cook married in February, 1762 to Hugh McKnight. Implied is that Thomas and Margaret arrived in Iredell with children of marriageable age. By October 18th of the same year, Thomas and Margaret Cook are selling a piece of their property to Stephen Potts and a witness to this land transfer was David Kerr.16